4 Beardz satin pillow cover

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4 Beardz is a 600 thread count soft smooth satin pillow cover. I created this pillow cover because my beard was breaking and spotty. After about a week of use I noticed less hair on the pillow and on my shirt while combing in the morning. I realized the old pillowcase was the culprit and 4 Beardz was born. 4 Beardz covers your existing pillow and pillowcase eliminating the need for another pillow on the bed. It slides on easily for use and off easily for washing. The smooth comfortable surface helps prevent the beard hair from becoming tangled and pulled while sleeping. A typical pillowcase damages your beard hair and skin by restricting movement while you are asleep. Your natural sleep movements causes friction between you and the pillow. This friction damages the skin and it also pulls and breaks the hair. A 4 Beard zzz pillow cover will prevent the friction providing a smooth, soft nonabrasive surface so that no damage to your skin or hair will occur. This aids in making morning combing or brushing easier and less harmful to your beards.