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"Hey bud we got our cover on Monday and man it feels good on the beard at night no more breakage or snags"           Instagram@WestTexasBeardCrew 


"I wake up everyday thanking god for blessing you with this idea. My beards always happy bcz of your pillow cover"  Instagram@li_beard_oil


"Love this pillow cover from @4_Beard_z. Essential for controlling breakage"         Instagram@bearded.mack


"@4_Beard_z. This product is a game changer. I have used it since the day I got it and it does beard absolutely loves it Night time hair loss has gone down. Bed beard is kept to a minimum. This in my opinion is a must have for any bearded man."                   instagram@puzzley_bearded 


"Got my @4_Beard_z pillow cover yesterday and used it last night and damn what a difference sleeping on it!"         Instagram@Weirdbeardcompany


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Brian Giacomo

I purchased this and it works great for smaller pillows. I have a king size memory foam pillow I’d like to get a case for. Anyway this could happen?

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